Guest post – The Godfather: Part II


By Melissa Brobeck

5 Life Lesson Learned from Kay Corleone

Warning: This post contains spoilers. If you’re old enough to vote and still haven’t seen The Godfather Part I & II (and Part III, only if you have time), go fix that right now because you’re missing about half of all pop culture references. You’re welcome.

The last two times I tried to watch The Godfather Part II I missed it. The first time I was making a lasagna for the recent Godfather marathon I had with Craig and my husband, Brian, and then I totally fell asleep before Vito even got to America the second time because I had to wait until my children went to bed. Oops. This is how I do now that I have kids. So here’s to the mothers of the Corleone family, especially to Kay Corleone, played by the ever-fabulous Diane Keaton. Kay has taught me a lot about life, and I’d like to share a few lessons I’ve learned with you.

1. Never believe anyone’s five-year plan. Your husband tells you that the family business will be completely legit in five years – it’s been seven. Oh, girl, you’re so pretty. Come on now, you’ve got to know that there is no way he’s giving up this gig. No. Way. So, if someone tells you his five-year plan, smile, nod, and accept that it might just be total BS.

2.  Don’t forget to close the drapes before getting in bed. Not only is this a good way to keep nosy neighbors from sneaking a peek of you in your jammies, it’s a good way to keep those pesky enemies from shooting you up while you’re sleeping. Also, in the event of a shoot out, remember to stop, drop, and roll. Your man got you out of this one. Next time, you may not be so lucky. (Bulletproof vest optional.)

3. A hat is always a good idea. All the attention is on your husband at his Senate hearing, but you can draw a few eyes your way with a hat, especially a super small pillbox hat. It says, “I’m a supportive wife, but I’m not afraid to take risks.” This pairs nicely with your anachronistic 1970s hairstyle. Yes, Jackie O. did little hats first, but you’re kind of a big deal too, so go for it.

4. Go big or go home. Sometimes you try to leave your mafia boss husband, and he says no. You try to get him to listen to the words that are coming out of your mouth, but he just won’t. This is the time to play your trump card. Take note of Kay’s balls-to-the-wall approach and make it a good one.

5. Make friends with your sister-in-law, no matter how crazy she is. After your husband declares you dead to him, making nice with your sister-in-law is the only way you’ll ever get a chance to see your children. This is sad, but true. Sisters before misters, girls.

Thanks again, Kay. You’re fierce.


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