A Bromantic Comedy, or How This Got Started

We are friends.
We both like movies.
We both like to write.
We live faraway from one another.
This gives us a chance to maintain a conversation around something that means something to us and to invite you to be a part of that, too.

We’ve each chosen thirty of our favorite films and made sure there were no overlaps.  These are films we love, films that have meant something to us, have shaped us, caused us to think or just made us laugh a lot.

Each week, the fellow who picked the movie will post a 500-word entry capturing his thoughts on the film.  A few days later, and without having read the original, the other guy will post a 500-word entry about his thoughts on the film and what it might reveal about is buddy.

Down the road, we may incorporate a guest columnist who will respond further along in the week.

That’s it.  Enjoy.


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